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SecureCard RFID Blocking Card is best $14.95 you can spend

Just like we try and protect ourselves from any unprotected diseases and viruses, you can protect Your Identity with SecureCard® RFID Blocking Wallet Card which Blocks RFID Card(s) while in your existing credit card holder, wallets, case, or sleeve. Only from SecureData.

It's the most simple personal data protection you can but and it's just $14.95. Just slip in your wallet or billfold to protect your credit and debit cards.

What you get:

In-Lab Tested & Audited (NTS Certificate #: PR053811-ACT1005612)

Any credit cards within its 10mm e-field are made invisible to a reader

Fits in any wallet or money clip

Will last 3-6 years

Doesn’t require batteries

Simply carry this card in your wallet and money clip and all cards within range of its efield will be protected.


Buy SecureCards in Sets and Save!


Brand Name: SecureCard Model Number: SDR-RCP-1 UPC: 008510227007042 Item Weight: 0.3 ounces Interface/Power Supply: USB 3.0 (2.0 compatible) / BUS powered Product Dimensions: 3.4 x 2.1 inches Product Dimensions: Credit Card like

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