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'BeHear' is here for World Hearing Day on March 3

Win a BeHear® NOW device... details in this post!

World Hearing Day. World Hearing Day is held on March 3, each year to raise awareness on how to prevent deafness and hearing loss and promote ear and hearing care across the world.

Wear & Hear is the brand name for a line of concept, future-forward wearable audio devices that are being developed by Alango Technologies, a leading supplier of voice and audio enhancement technologies for the communication and entertainment markets. And they are "all in" on World Hearing Day with their BeHear NOW product.

BeHear® NOW is a personalizable Bluetooth stereo headset that provides enhancement for all-around hearing (for phone calls, audio play, and ambient hearing), as well as assistive listening functionality. Your BeHear NOW can be tuned to address your specific hearing capabilities for all applications, such as voice communication via mobile phone, listening to music, etc.

Use in tandem with the W&H app:

A free application (downloadable from Google Play or Apple Store) that runs on your smartphone can be used to administer a simple hearing assessment. Using the assessment results, the product automatically adjusts voice and audio input controls to suit your hearing levels, creating various profiles based on the listening environment (indoors/outdoors, crowded/sparse, etc.). You can fine tune these profiles at any time using a simple procedure.

The BeHear NOW solves a big problem for those that don't need or want a more expensive hearing device. The BeHear NOW is functional, stylish and easy to use!

On World Hearing Day 2020, WHO will highlight that timely and effective interventions can ensure that people with hearing loss are able to achieve their full potential. It will draw attention to the options available in this respect. Before March 10, if you share this post or send an email to, you will be entered to win your very own BeHear NOW!

The BeHear NOW allows you to stay connected to your environment while listening to music. With ListenThrough™ sound enhancement technology, a smart algorithm that allows important sounds through to your ears, you’ll be able to listen to music and engage in your favorite activities while remaining alert to important ambient sounds.

BeHear NOW also helps improve your hearing comprehension. While talking on the phone or listening to voicemail, EasyListen™ technology slows down speech to improve intelligibility of “fast talkers”, foreign languages, and recorded messages.

A lot of power in a device that is made to help.

You can order your very own here.

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