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Power up with Real Graphene

Graphene is a near perfect conductor of electricity. This allows electricity to flow without hindrance. This dramatically slows the heating process lithium batteries face while allowing charging speeds up to 5 times as fast. This also increases the battery life by 5 times the charging cycles.

Real Graphene, a company that is using the strongest material on earth – graphene – to change how batteries operate and charge. Real Graphene integrates this 2D form of true graphene into a lithium solution in batteries as the material is a great electricity and heat conductor, alleviating previous issues with batteries.

Not only does Real Graphene alleviate issues with other batteries, but it allows electronics to charge up to six times faster – and can charge your phone up to 20% faster even when not plugged in. In addition, the powerbank charges quickly itself.

This is a new and fun way to charge devices! It works!

Products available:

The Pro- 10,000 MAH w/ 60W Charger The Max- 20,000 MAH w/ 87W Charger

Graphene also evenly disperses heat acting as a cooling system. Graphene already generates less heat due to extremely low resistivity. But graphene also conducts heat evenly across battery to help cool the battery.

What you get:

Wireless Charging /3 Output and 2 Input - Wireless charging brings you unprecedented convenience. 2 USB ports (one 4A and another 3A) and 1 type-c (3A PD 18 W) to charge 4 devices simultaneously, two Inputs (including Type-c)for Battery Pack. Supporting 12V5A Adapters .

Huge Capacity - Weighs as little as a can of soup (15.8 oz) yet charges the iPhone 8 almost 8.4 times, the Galaxy S9 5.2 times or Switch ns 3.6 twice. Power charges most phones over 4 times, tablets at least 2 times or notebooks at least once, suit for overseas travel, business travel, you can charge the device many times to eliminate the anxiety of battery exhaustion.(times = 15000 / battery capacity of your device.)

Smart LED/High-Speed Charging - The intelligent LCD digital display shows the remaining power life and the electricity’s voltage and amperage in digital format to ensure you are aware of the available power and the charging status. High-Speed Charging 4X faster than standard charger. Less time to charge, more time to go out. (support PD/QC function like Samsung S9, S8, S7, Note 8 QC mode).

Graphene Material - Graphene allows the charging treasure to dissipate heat quickly to avoid charging too hot. Also can extends the service life of the battery charger more than 10 times and Charging speed. safe and reliable, stable function, longer standby. Fully recharge the Graphene Power Bank in just 6 hours with a ordinary charger .

In the box - - 1x Power Bank, 1x Micro USB Cable , 1x User Manual, 30-Day money back, 12-Month and lifetime technical support.

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