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AO Tennis 2: Most realistic tennis video game

BIGBEN and Big Ant Studios, Australia’s leading developer of sports titles, have debuted their partnership for the publishing and distribution of AO Tennis 2, the second game in the official Australia Open series.

Developed in close collaboration with the tournament’s organisers, AO Tennis 2 will give fans a more intense experience of the Australia Open,

Gamers can take themselves from the outside courts to centre-stage glory in the all-new narrative-driven career mode. For the first time in AO Tennis, success for a young talented player depends as much on external events as great play on the court, which provides deeper immersion into the world of professional tennis.

Published by BIGBEN, AO Tennis 2 is available on PC, Xbox1, Switch and PS4 versions available on February 11.

Feel free to customize your players, from outfit colors to bicep muscle size, and build venues from scratch, from backdrops to light sizes. The new version introduces career mode, which lets you plot out a player’s schedule and manage his or her reputation in the press room.

If you've been frustrated by boring or hard to play tennis games in the past, this is one to try!

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