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Wilson causing more KAOS on the tennis court with the 3.0

In 2020, it is good to have Kaos on the tennis court thanks to Wilson.

KAOS can be a good thing! Wilson is making more inroads in tennis with the new KAOS 3.0 shoe, which has improved arch technology made to increase comfort, new mesh vents throughout the shoe for extra breathability and are created to increase speed and better support lateral on-court movements.

Ultra-lightweight and faster than ever, the Kaos 3.0 takes the chaos up a few notches on the court. This shoe still includes the signature layer of Skinguard for increased forefoot and lateral reinforcement on every movement, but now features small mesh windows sprinkled throughout the upper for added breathability and a sharp design element. Between its remarkably light weight and an arch technology that is built for raw speed, the Kaos 3.0 pierces limits and engineers breakthroughs for anyone who prefers speed above all else on the court. The shoes and well constructed, like Wilson shoes of the past and appear to be quite durable. The fit snugly and comfortably.


Skinguard administers upper protection for durability; forefoot and lateral reinforcement enhance support during lateral movements and push-offs

Endofit provides enhanced comfort, stability and an intuitive fit through a full inner sock construction

DF2 provides cushioned court feel, yielding compromise between comfort and quick performance (DF2 = HT Drop 9 mm)

Pro Torque Chassis Light uses arch technology built for speed to provide ultimate stability and flexibility

Duralast consists of a high-density, consummately durable rubber compound that provides abrasion resistance and maximum traction on all surfaces

R-DST+ offers the best combination of cushioning and rebound for more dynamic performance

Designed for best performance on all court surfaces

The perfect shoe as you start your 2020 campaign on the courts.

Check for availability at all major retailers.

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