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Social Media Winners from Super Bowl LIV: the Chiefs, Mahomes, Olay, Wings and Halftime

Super Bowl LIV is in the books and social media has declared its winners among teams, players, brands, snacks and halftime performers and international social media analytics firm Talkwalker reports the results.

The Kansas City Chiefs owned the share of voice for the night, with 58.9 percent of the conversation to the San Francisco 49ers 41.1. Mentions of the Chiefs peaked between 10 and 10:30 p.m. at just about the time it was clear that Kansas City would win, with more than 130,000 social posts in that period. Sentiment analysis tracked joy at the moment that Chiefs fans realized they would win the Super Bowl.

The top celebrity by a landslide, with 146.5K mentions was KC quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Olay was the clear brand winner, peaking at 7 p.m. with more than 44.5K mentions and the brand was also the winner throughout the playoff season – tracking at 203K mentions since January 13th, with 86.4k of them coming right after their ad aired at 7pm Sunday, Talkwalker reported

Overall, these were the top brands during the game itself – from about 4 p.m. to midnight. EST.

1. Olay/#MakeSpaceforWomen – 87.9K mentions

2. Hulu/Tom Brady – 54K

3. Google/Loretta – 35K

4 - Tums – 26K

5. Avocados from Mexico – 25K

6. Jeep/Groundhog Day & Bill Murray – 25K

7. Pepsi – 25K

8. Bud Light – 24K

9. Doritos – 16K

10.All the rest in game had 90K mentions.

“Although some brands went for surprise, others released their ads early,” said Todd Grossman, CEO Americas Talkwalker. “Having a strong message that resonates with viewers is still key and the release date doesn’t’ matter if the message is strong, the creative is entertaining and the purpose shines through.”

Overall the Pepsi Halftime Show generated 2.3 million mentions on social media. This generated more than 16 million engagements (likes and retweets). Shakira was mentioned in 72% of tweets that also mention the Halftime show in some way and JLo (or J-Lo, or Jenny, or Lopez etc etc) was mentioned in 32% of tweets. Here are themes over time, where you can see Shakira spike as she starts performing, and as others come on stage too.

While some were into the game and other viewers focused only on the commercials or halftime, most everyone can agree on one Super Bowl truth. It’s all about the snacks. And in social media, the clear winners were wings and salsa.

For “main foods,” wings was the clear winner with 57.6K mentions, while pizza had 30.6K, BBQ 6.8K, sandwiches 6K and tacos 4.1K. For dips, salsa (14.6K mentions) beat out guacamole (5.5K), chili (3.1K), hummus (1.7K) and ranch (1.6K).

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