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Clean Screen with Zeiss Mobile Screen Wipes

One of the handiest items I found at 2020 CES.

It just so happens that a 30 pack of Zeiss Mobile Screen Wipes were given to each member of the media in their media backpacks.

Smartphone screens are gross – we constantly touch and rub against them with our filthy fingers, pass them around like a newborn baby to our friends (who have equally dirty hands); we store them in warm places and cleaning our screens is most often a “wipe” with a sleeve or napkin. Furthermore, fingerprints and smudges on smartphones, laptops, tablets or monitors are annoying, distracting and hamper functionality.

These handy Zeiss Mobile Screen Wipes are specifically developed for the gentle and effective cleaning of mobile screens- particularly smartphones and tablets. One individually wrapped wipe will remove the fingerprints and smudges from daily use and won’t leave any streaks or residue. They will clean your device easily at home or on the go.

The Solution: Zeiss Mobile Screen Wipes can’t save you from drunk texting your ex at 1:00 am, but they can ensure that your smart phone (or tablet) screen is clear and clean of germs and grime.

Zeiss Mobile Screen Wipes (available on Amazon) adheres to cleaning standards established by smart phone manufacturers. They contain no abrasives or solvents, making them suitable for sensitive smart screens as well as all optical surfaces. The product comes pre-moistened in individual packets.

Oh one other thing... they work!

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