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CES had the first 8K, 3D display

In collaboration with Microsoft and Ultraleap, Dimenco demonstrated the world’s first interactive 8K 3D display at CES 2020. Enabling creators to build 3D designs in a fully spatial environment, without the need of any headwear or other wearables, delivering a dramatic improvement in possibilities and overall immersive productivity.

The creator market has always been on the forefront of incorporating the latest innovations. After decades of creating 3D designs on 2D monitors it no longer makes sense. As display technology has immensely evolved, it can now clearly show to the user dimensions and all critical details of their 3D models that regular 2D displays just can’t capture. At any angle in a fully natural way without the need of any headwear or wearables. Which is an incredible benefit.

The display comes with a software development kit (SDK) that supports the top game engines in the market today. Developers can seamlessly create SR applications using the Unreal engine and the specially developed Unity Editor. Plus, it enables developers to easily port their existing 3D content.

Have a look at their show:

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