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Prevent Cardiovascular events with CardioSensys

Cardiovascular diseases kill around 18 million people worldwide each year. Decades of general recommendations for lifestyle changes have not reduced this rate. Now, CardioSensys is the first non-invasive solution able to provide and analyze detailed information (on seven vital signs) for each individual, allowing timely intervention when necessary.

CardioSenys is an app that uses oxidata and artifical intelligence to give heart measurements.

In under two minutes, one can get accurate information about their heart.

The goal is to evaluate the cardiovascular health of each individual patient of a GP in a simple, rapid, reliable and quantifiable way. This would then permit GPs and other health professionals to regularly screen each of their patients for cardiovascular diseases without increasing the time allocated for each appointment.

CardioSensys is the first screening tool to quantify cardiovascular risk. This early detection of cardiovascular disease means that lives would be saved and the medical health system costs for cardiovascular disease would be reduced.

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