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Zero Mass Water introducing Rexi at CES

Zero Mass Water is spending CES launching Rexi, a new version of their SOURCE Hydropanels (solar-powered and infrastructure-free panels that create water using just sunlight and air) that’s optimized for residential use by being more compact and efficient than the previous model.

Zero Mass Water has a commitment providing off-grid, independent access to perfect drinking water for every person in every place.


—At a time when two million Americans don’t have access to running water, bottled water has become the most in-demand beverage and toxic Perfluorinated Alkyl Substances (PFAS) have been found in water supplies across 49 States, Zero Mass Water is releasing a smaller and more efficient model of its residential SOURCE Hydropanel at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show, enabling residents across the country to make water from sunlight and air more efficiently than ever.

The new residential model, called Rexi, is half the size of a standard Hydropanel with a reduced form factor optimized for rooftop water production on homes, as well as schools and businesses. Preorders begin today and installations are scheduled to begin in Summer 2020.

The new SOURCE Rexi Hydropanel incorporates advancements to the original SOURCE Hydropanel released in 2017, including higher efficiency rates due to developments in materials science, software and thermodynamics and Zero Mass Water’s role as the innovator behind direct renewable water. Rexi utilizes a cloud-based sensor suite, including SOURCE Informed, to bring detailed water-quality knowledge and automated optimization features to residential Hydropanels installed all over the world.

Homeowners can track the performance of their Hydropanels, the quality of their water and the available amount stored in each Hydropanel’s reservoir through the SOURCE smartphone app.

Zero Mass Water's focus is on providing off-grid, independent access to perfect drinking water for every person in every place—and the release of the next-generation SOURCE Rexi Hydropanel is an extension of that commitment, empowering people to create their own drinking water, and to take control over their drinking water in a sustainable and low-cost way.

“Here amongst the glittering lights of Las Vegas, at the annual show for new technological products that is CES, it’s a privilege to unveil SOURCE Rexi, the next generation of our Hydropanels, bringing renewable water to more people throughout the United States and the world over—for any homeowner, community or business that needs a simple solution for an unlimited supply of safe, clean drinking water,” said Zero Mass Water founder and CEO Dr. Cody Friesen. “At a time when our society’s drinking water access has been getting worse in the past decade—not better—we’re excited about our innovations, built on a focus of solving problems in a way that directly improves people’s lives.”

SOURCE Hydropanels make drinking water using only sunlight and air, made possible by the combination of thermodynamics, materials science and controls technology—completely independent of an electrical input, pipes or public utility infrastructure. SOURCE Hydropanels function by first adsorbing water vapor from the air onto a hygroscopic material. The efficient application of solar energy causes the water vapor to respire from the materials inside the Hydropanel, raising the relative humidity to a passively condensing vapor. As the hygroscopic materials only attract water molecules, the liquid water produced is pure, not unlike distilled. The innovations behind SOURCE earned the 2019 LemelsonMIT Prize, awarded for invention by the top technical institution in the world.

The new SOURCE Rexi Hydropanels will retail for $2,500. Zero Mass Water’s vision is to perfect water for every person, every place. We created SOURCE Water, produced by Hydropanels powered by sunlight and air, so every person in nearly every corner of the earth can have truly exceptional water and the means of producing it. Zero Mass Water is headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, USA with partners across the globe.

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