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Nanoleaf shows off smart lighting at CES

Smart lighting pioneer Nanoleaf unveils the Nanoleaf Learning Series, an all-in-one, interactive, intelligent lighting system for your home, at CES. The latest innovation from the world’s leading smart home decor company creates a fully integrated lighting system for the user right from the comfort of their home. The new offering intuitively learns, senses, and reacts to users needs in a way that simplifies the smart home, eliminating complicated and counterintuitive commands often required in today’s smart home.

Building off the success of Nanoleaf’s best selling interactive modular light panels, the Learning Series includes a system of products that complement and work in harmony with one another to make home lighting smarter every day. Through Nanoleaf’s exclusive U-IQ™ Technology that uses an intuitive blend of intelligent learning, motion sensing, and brightness sensing technology with scheduling, your lighting becomes more intelligent as the system grows throughout the home.

In fact, the system is so intelligent, it knows when and where you need light, exactly how you need it, with minimal manual controls necessary. The idea is that the system will never stop learning and will be able to shift, adapt and grow with you.

“We know how busy life can get. But despite the rise of smart home technology intended to simplify your life, many of these products are often counter-intuitive and complicated to use,” said Gimmy Chu, CEO and co-founder of Nanoleaf. “With the Learning Series, we’re helping to simplify the smart home with technology that optimizes lighting automation to fit your life, so users can spend more time enjoying the experience.”

As part of Nanoleaf’s continued efforts to bring smart homes into the future, the company will soon introduce a line of interoperable Unified Light Panels, the first ever modular smart lights with shape interconnectivity.

The first of this line will feature touch-reactive Unified Hexagons with interconnectivity capabilities that enable users the freedom to create all new configurations, from abstract geometric layouts to perfect replicas of their favorite characters and shapes. With six sides for connectivity, the Unified Hexagons invite users to truly tap into their imagination and personalize their lighting designs. After much anticipation from its reveal at last year’s CES, Hexagons will be featured at the Nanoleaf booth and be available for pre-order ahead of launch in Summer 2020.

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