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Most popular tech item of 2019

We love our HDTVs.

HD LED TVs are the top selling item of 2019 and also one of top items purchased as gifts.

Especially the 32" models which can regularly be had for under $100.

With our TV's small size, there's almost nothing it can't handle. It can be easily connected to a cablebox, or cord-cutters can simply plug in a Roku device and stream content with ease. USB and HDMI ports ensure that there's nothing you can't put on the 32-inch screen. And, if you want a little more control over what's being watched, there are even parental controls, so little ones can't be exposed to anything they shouldn't see.

The pictures are bright and vibrant, the sound is good enough, but pair with a sound bar or Bluetooth speakers and it opens a new world.

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