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Cozee is the first patented battery-powered blanket

"All the statistics in the world can't measure warmth."

Life Giving Warmth the brand that has created the perfect indoor/outdoor blanket that completely wraps around your lifestyle has combined tech with soft comfort to bring you The Cozee.

The Cozee the only U.S. patented battery-powered blanket on the market giving the gift of warmth wherever you go.

The comfortable Cozee offers more than an upgraded electric blanket. Imagine not being able to go out in the cold due to poor circulation. For the elderly and those with disabilities, a drop in temperature becomes a major health concern. The Cozee was created to be a life-changing product to enhance your quality of life. No matter what your lifestyle entails, this blanket is sure to change the way you feel about warmth.

The Cozee features:

Durable, water resistant exterior to shield against wind, rain and snow Integrated, durable, flexible wiring system for full coverage and maximum comfort Full sized blanket – 60 inches wide by 60 inches long Convenient heated hand pockets for comfort and ease of use Additional pocket for storage of battery 5 year warranty

Battery Pack features:

Low, Medium and High Settings Battery provides up to 5+ hours of continuous heat 2 USB Ports for convenience – use the battery to charge your cell phones while staying warm Charge the battery with a standard wall plug OR charge in your cars 12 volt input Very safe - It’s equipped with safety shutoff mechanisms and delivers amazing warmth with only 12 Volts of electricity

The Cozee actually works. Even in the South, there are people that get cold in mild winter months. Cozee is a great accessory to take along.

Find The Cozee available on AND Amazon Prime Dec. 1, retailing for $249.99.

Founders Paul and Carolynne LaRue created their first product, The Cozee, out of love for their daughter Brianna “BooBoo” LaRue. She was born with Cerebral Palsy and fights for her life every day. BooBoo loves spending time outdoors, but her wheelchair and poor circulation make it a challenge to enjoy the fresh air many of us take for granted. After searching for a battery-powered heating blanket to keep her warm outdoors, the LaRues were shocked not to find the product they were looking for on the market. After developing their own indoor/outdoor blanket, Paul and Carolynne started hearing stories of others who don’t go anywhere because they are too cold, especially elderly. Dedicated to making life-changing products for those in need is how Life Giving Warmth began its journey.

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