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A $110 bottle opener? Say 'yes' to The Opener 2.0

If you thought bottle openers were a "dime a dozen," you'd be wrong thanks to Discommon and their The Opener 2.0.

The Opener 2.0 retails for $110, if you can find it still in stock.

For the beer or craft soda drinker: The Discommon Bottle Opener 2.0. Ditch the traditional bottle openers and opt for The Bottle Opener 2.0, a hand-finished titanium opener featuring hand-stitched, buttery leather for great tactile feel and function. It even features a clever thumb recess for better leverage when cracking a cold one. Available in multiple color options.

Discommon Goods was born out of a desire to create the pieces that were stuck in the heads of the founders.

Collaborating with designers from all fields (from automotive to super yachts) we have given a simple promise: work with us and we will make exactly what is in your head. No corporate bs, no market studies, no asking for approval from the product team, just unadulterated execution of creativity using the coolest materials and processes from around the world.

Opener 2 embodies that ethos perfectly. The Opener 2.0 came out of a concept for a large luggage firm that involved stitching through metal. This how many Discommon products are born.

The Opener 2.0 was a real challenge for Discommon!

"But a lot of fun. The linear machine lines over the faceted body were tricky in titanium. Titanium is “gummy” as a material so we really had to dial in the machining process. The leather was in theory, simple, but we are folding an organic material over a 3D form and hoping that sub-1mm laser cut leather holes line up with machined holes in the titanium. They didn't, for a long time. Hix Design work with our CAD team to dial in the laser cutting profiles and then hand stitched the leather as they do with all their work. We think you will love the tactile feelings you get holding these pieces - grip from the texture, silkiness from the coating, softness from the leather and a nice little thumb recess to allow you leverage on your favorite."beverage."

Don't be common, be Discommon at

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