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Suburban moms using technology to take on all comers with new talk show

Atlanta's hottest new talk show isn't on ABC, NBC, CBS or FOX.... yet. But you will find it on a number of online and social media platforms that work really well!

Amy Lyle and self-proclaimed super mom and blogger Gina Ryals take on in their new show, “In the Burbs.” The talk show features Amy’s and Gina’s warm and humorous rapport, interesting guests, wacky games, and outrageous headlines of the day, while giving a humorous view of life in the outskirts. The show’s September 4 debut and subsequent airings on the UI Media Network led to viewers laughing, smiling, and nodding their heads in recognition of the everyday absurdities of approaching middle age in the burbs…or any American suburb, really.

Watch “In the Burbs” on and Binge TV Networks, or stream live on the “In The Burbs” Facebook page. You can listen to the show as a podcast on Spreaker and SoundCloud. This is great content for cord cutters! Being on various platforms allows for flexibility and for the show and viewers.

The show is loosely based on Amy’s bestselling Amazon books, We’re All A Mess, It’s OK and The Amy Binegar-Kimmes-Lyle Book of Failures, which released at number one and remain bestsellers. Both books exhort taking whatever disasters life hands you and seeing the funny side of them, a “what doesn’t kill you will eventually make you laugh” approach. Segments include, “The No Shame Hashtag Game,” “Mom Confessions,” and “Stress Reduction Instruction,” all of which encourage us to be honest about our issues, consider what we’ve learned, and figure out how to move forward.

“We are so excited to have Amy and Gina, two well-known local personalities, team up on the network. They are a refreshing, comedic force of nature,” said Tim Ray, UI Media CEO.

Meet the Hosts

Amy Lyle is an author, stand-up comic, actor, and screenwriter. Amy released her first book and comedic memoir, “The Amy Binegar-Kimmes-Lyle Book Of Failures,” in 2017. The book received numerous accolades, including #1 in Amazon’s ”Humor and Entertainment” category. Amy starred in Sam Juergen’s short film, ”The Interviewers,” which won “Best Comedy” at the 2018 Franklin International Indie Film Festival in Franklin, TN. Amy’s next project includes securing funding for her screenplay, a female-centric comedy that examines the stereotypes connected to stay-at-home and working moms. Creative producer Suzanne Jurva, who previously worked with DreamWorks, is attached to the project.

A former public school educator, Gina Ryals spent the last 25 years raising her three kids, Mackenzie, 27, Reece, 24, and Meredith, 19, in the suburbs of Atlanta. At the same time, Gina pursued her passions for fitness, health and wellness, which resulted in life as a fitness instructor. As a recent empty nester with her husband, Stan, of 31 years, along with two English labs, Brody and Stella, Gina has taken on a new career in the media industry as a blogger with Mezza Reviews, along with working as a talk show co-host with Amy Lyle.

The show airs every other Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. EST. Viewers can catch the few next episodes beginning December 4.

A great watch for us in Atlanta and I'm sure people in other markets will take note as well. Use your favorite platform and watch "In the Burbs."

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