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NEWYES is reinventing the sticky note

A new way of looking at the popular sticky note you are probably using right now.

Sticky notes you can use over and over again from NEWYES.

For under $20.

NEWYES sticky notes combine post-its and sticky notes, they are three small pads in one book, with tabs and without tabs. The tabs would help you quickly find the note without turning every page.

Eco-friendly in that it is reusable and recycle, this is a revolutionary product that would save thousands of trees, saving the trees from today!

Reusable Sticky Notes?


Leave a note while you index, stick securely and remove cleanly without sticky residue. Erase the notes with damp cloth or tissue, reuse and reuse, no more waste post-its. Special binding allows you to flip to the color you need while organizing. Quality office product

The magic of NEWYES sticky notes is that it can be reused. So buying this means not only saving the trees but also saving money.

There are approximately 4-7 billion trees per year cut down from forests to make paper products ranging from paper cups, plates, other paper products, and paper that we write or print on. It's everyone's obligation to save the nature.

Order your set now here.

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