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Pale Blue: Rechargeable batteries like you've never seen before

Even in 2019, we still use AA and AAA batteries. Why not use ones that are easy on the environment, a relief to your wallet and can be ready at a moments notice.

Take a look at Pale Blue rechargeable batteries.

It's true, most rechargeable batteries are unreliable, take forever to charge, and can’t hold that charge for very long -- causing even the most tech-savvy and eco-friendly among us to be hesitant to trust them in our most important devices.

Honored to be among the first to try Pale Blue, a new rechargeable battery that works differently. Using lithium polymer, Pale Blue gets charged quickly (under 1 hour for AAA, under 2 hours for AA) and stays charged for longer---all using a simple microUSB port. In reality, you’re saving money and keeping toxic traditional batteries out of landfills.

After being a successful Kickstarter campaign, it's now on Indiegogo and you can get in the Pale Blue universe for as little as $28.

Charging time is surprisingly fast, but will depend on the USB power you are using. You should expect under one hour to charge your AAA's and under two hours to charge your AA's.

Lithium Polymer

Lithium Polymer battery technology (aka LiPo) is a type of Lithium-Ion battery who's electrode is made of a polymer instead of a liquid. LiPo batteries provide a number of performance improvements over traditional rechargeable batteries.

You can also charge these batteries over 1000 times.


Pale Blue batteries have a micro-USB port right on the battery. We provide a 4 ended micro-USB cable so you can charge 4 at a time.


Less waste - One Pale Blue battery can prevent the existence and disposal of 1000 alkalines over its lifetime. Superior Performance - Better voltage stability, current output, stability, than alkalines and old school NiMh rechargeables. Ultra Fast Charging - Charges in one fifth the time of a NiMh rechargeable. Charge four batteries at once! Unmatched Convenience - On-board micro-USB charging port (4 end charging cable provided so you can charge 4 batteries at once). Huge Savings Potential - Recharging Pale Blue batteries means not buying disposables and this means savings for you!

Start charging with four-packs as low as $28

I'm using Pale Blue now and loving every aspect of these powerful batteries.

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