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Loving the Hitcase multi-device mobile lens clip

I hate that I have to carry around multiple cords, dongles and attachments for the different devices I carry with me in and out of the office.

So I was happy to see HIT Technologies Inc. Bring to the table the first multi-device mobile lens clip designed by Hitcase, that is interchangeable across SmartPhones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

Finally a single product that can attach to every smartphone, computer and tablet that you use in your everyday life.

Now a product that would allow you to do more, capture incredible photo and video content, and even make board meetings and video chats more fun. A clip that is transferable across all devices, that is easy to store, lightweight, affordable and that captures crisp, clean images for jaw-dropping mobile photography.

Perfect with all your favorite HitCase lenses.

From back when the OneClip was announced.

“We’re excited to announce today that for the first time in our Company’s history, we are offering a product that is not exclusive to iPhone,” comments Brooks Bergreen, Founder, and CEO of HITCASE. “Over the years we’ve had a lot of interest in our lenses from non-iPhone users and that they would be adaptable to more devices and applications - Samsung, LG, Pixel and as well as iPads and Laptops. Today, we're happy to announce the OneClip™ - a minimalistic, lightweight lens clip made entirely out of aluminum, that works seamlessly with all of our TrueLUX mobile lenses (Wide, SuperWide, Macro). Simply thread them into the clip’s holster and clip onto any device and you’re on your way. We believe everyone should have access to creative content capture without breaking the bank. The OneClip makes that reality.”

The OneClip™ is 100% recyclable, similar the majority of case products HITCASE manufactures. It’s the perfect accessory for:

-Mobile photography on any device

-Video and content capture

-Social media

-Online meetings or chat: Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Slack

-FaceTime calls

The amount of devices and ways it can used are endless.

OneClip™ Design Specifications:

Weight: 29g

H*L*W: 72mm*29mm*23.7mm

Material: Aluminium

Color: Black (anodized aluminum)

Lenses mount: Thread-In (screw-in)

Works both vertical and horizontal

Compatible devices: iPhone, LG, Samsung, Google Pixel, Android, Laptop and desktop computer cameras, iPads and tablets

The OneClip can be used with or without protective cases on a device

Compatible with all Hitcase cases

Maybe the best feature -the OneClip™ is available for purchase for an introductory price of $14.99. Ships immediately. The best phone most of us all own now is our phone, so what not take some great images.

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