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RapidX offers multitasking with the MyPort

RapidX has done it again with their newly released MyPort.

MyPort was released this month with a retail cost of $79.99.

Say hello to a three-in-one wireless charging system that integrates a wireless charger, power bank, and stand all working seamlessly together on your desk, table or on the go.

Sleek and elegant on your desk, the wireless power bank can charge flat or at an upward angle doubling as a stand for easy viewing of your mobile phone. In the dock, the power bank is constantly charging. Truly a well-designed product! If you have one or especially two or more devices that you need to keep charged, you need a MyPort.

Grabbing your phone and the power bank as you leave your desk brings along a 10,000 mAh Qi-certified 10W wireless battery with 18W USB-C and USB-A ports to supply power for both your wireless and wired devices.


10,000 mAh battery capacity Qi-certified wireless charging & 2 USB ports Use MyPort as a power bank or wireless charging stand 1x USB-C PD 18W (input & output) 1x standard USB port 18W Rubberized matte black finish Fast charge iPhone & Android devices with USB-C port 10W wireless charging

When MyPort is in phone stand-mode, the portable power bank is continuously charging. Then, when you’re ready to go out, simply detach the charging pad from the stand to use MyPort as an on-the-go power bank. This portable feature conveniently offers two charging options--either charge your tablet or phone by connecting any USB or USB-C cable (for fast charging), or just rest your phone on the power bank for a wireless charging experience. MyPort gives you flexibility, confidence, and speed when you need it most. It makes sure your devices powered up wherever life takes you.

Included in Box

Power Bank Charging Stand Manual 3 ft. USB-A to USB-C charging cable Wireless Charging Compatibility

Works with all Qi-enabled devices. iPhone 8 or newer, Samsung S6 or newer. For a full list of Qi-enabled devices

A powerful and easy to use charger that will make your life easier. Check out and order your MyPort here.

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