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MANTRA is apparel that goes everywhere

MANTRA is taking sustainability to new heights after creating a first-of-its-kind category of apparel it calls EverywhereWear™ - a line of versatile polos born from recycled plastic bottles and built to go everywhere.

The upstart brand, whose product is now available exclusively online at, set out to create highly versatile gear because of its commitment to the planet. One of the most sustainable actions a consumer can undertake when buying clothing is simply to buy less. By making gear that people love and don't need a lot of, MANTRA is hoping to help consumers thin out their closets without sacrificing style.

The gear is made from repurposed plastic bottles, 7-10 bottles per shirt depending on size, and was designed to save men from having to dress down in the name of comfort.

"By combining the comfort and utility of stretchy performance fabrics with designer style, we've created the perfect gear for the city, outdoors, and everywhere in-between. Work, golf, tennis, biking, travel, happy hour … our polos are good for it all" says Dominic Natalizio, Founder and CEO of MANTRA.

The polos, which retail for $88 and feature prints inspired by nature, also raise money for Nonprofits that protect and conserve the environment through a 1% for the Planet commitment. For example, 1% of sales on The Palm polo support Rainforest Alliance's work to protect the Amazon from unsustainable exploitation.

MANTRA touts its ability to create premium gear made entirely in the USA at reasonable prices to its position as an e-commerce business. You can learn more about MANTRA gear and the Nonprofits they support on their website or on their Instagram @madebymantra.

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