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Manage your files with the free app, Mylio

People capture favorite and fun moments and memories through photos and videos time and time and time again. We lose track and at times can find our phones and computers cluttered with all of these documents and photos alike. The sheer volume that these files end up taking at times can be overwhelming especially when you continue adding and trying to organize them on top of it all. An app has been created to collect all of your photos, videos and documents into a single library, automatically organizing them into the visual story of your life called Mylio.

Mylio is a free app for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android that manages all of your photos and files from all of your devices and online services. It is able to pull from sources such as computers, phones, tablets, external drives and online services like Facebook and Flickr. The app serves as a virtual assistant that organizes photos and files automatically using your calendar app. It then organizes them in “Life Calendar,” which sorts images by event and displayed as you’ve never seen them before.

“I started Mylio in 2012 because I wanted to change the way the world remembers,” says David Vaskevitch, CEO and Founder of Mylio. “We created Mylio to help people organize and have constant access to their lifetime of memories. Mylio started with photographs and now includes videos and documents. Mylio basically works as a virtual assistant helping you easily find any file on any device, anytime, anywhere. Even without the internet.”

Mylio offers a variety of features and benefits that acts as a virtual and visual Swiss Army knife. Users can access their library anywhere because it is not a cloud service so it does not rely on internet connection to sync files, so memories are available on your device anywhere at anytime. It invites people to reclaim your device’s storage by being able syncing thousands of files to your devices using a fraction of the space. The app also can organize with face recognition in order to help you tag and organize photos in minutes. Most importantly, Mylio protects your memories, Vaults ensure your data is protected.

Mylio provides the power to edit photos wherever you and whatever device happens to be handy to bring out the best with features such as…

Filters and Presets Histogram & Slider Controls Rotating, Straightening & Cropping Red-eye Removal Brushes Batch editing RAW Editing Exporting with Watermark

“We’ve taken our time to develop a quality product, and in the past few months, we’ve really started sharing it with the world. There are currently over 75,000 people with Mylio accounts, and we’re signing up thousands of new accounts each month,” states Vaskevitch. “Mylio is available internationally, and we’ve seen huge growth in countries like India, the UK, Australia, China and others.”

If you would like more information on Mylio you can visit their website at Download Mylio on the App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices. You can stay up to date with announcements and updates by following them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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