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MP Magic odorless socks mean comfort and antibacterials

I was skeptical about a pair of socks. Six days without washing?

Then I tried MP Magic Socks.

Feet perspire easily in motion and in hot weather. Sweating socks can easily grow bacteria and give out offensive odors. To solve this problem MP Magic Socks incorporate a smart design, with a silver, copper and zinc-infusion to make antibacterial fabrics to keep your feet odorless for a longer time.

Plus they are comfortable.

Dress socks, athletic socks, everyday socks. It doesn't matter, Magic Socks should make up the bulk of the socks in your sock drawer.

The Story

Starting from 2017, MP Magic Socks were a crowdfunding success. The MP team develops innovative socks products, using unique technologies to say goodbye to stinky feet, along with comfortably designed patterns to make your life easier, happier and to keep you looking your best.

MP Magic Socks are odorless socks with three-metal infused: Silver, Copper, and Zinc. The MP Magic Socks incorporate a super comfortable design, with silver, copper, and zinc-infused, integrated with mineral substance, antibacterial fabrics that work hard to make your feet odorless. These innovative socks are odorless, comfortable, antibacterial, super durable, and breathable.

The Results

They have sold more than 200,000 pairs! They have received overwhelming positive feedback and now they have released classic, sport, casual patterns for users to mix and match.

The Details

Unparalleled comfort like your second skin Stay fresh with certified deodorant tech Super soft & breathable Stay soft and antibacterial wash after wash Great compression against ankle Italy knitting machine with 200-needle count Experience the best performance with CoolMax & Lycra Best for sport, travel & long work day

The socks slip on easy and appear durable and long-lasting.

Prices start at under $10 per pair and you can purchase multiple pair packs to save some of your hard earned money.

There are always deals if you go online at

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