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Smart Kitchen Summit announces 12 startup finalists

Meet the 12 finalists in the 2019 Smart Kitchen Summit Startup Showcase.

Anrich3d is developing a 3D food printer which can extrude food to match individuals’ precise nutritional requirements and taste preferences.

Anycart is a recipe discovery and meal planning app with transparent per-serving pricing for each dish. Users can search for recipes, order ingredients for delivery, and get guided step-by-step cooking assistance.

Botrista is a barista robot aimed at making craft beverages more accessible and affordable through automation.

bowl is an automated micro salad restaurant. Customers order their salad via the bowl app and are notified when their personalized salad is ready for pickup at the machine.

CocoTerra has developed the world’s first tabletop, bean-to-bar chocolate maker which can make dark, milk, and white chocolate in about two hours. Users can also create their own custom chocolate blends.

Eat Safe Verified is increasing food transparency by establishing a dedicated communication channel between food companies and consumers. Individuals can look up information about their food such as how it’s tested for contaminants.

Ends+Stems is a meal planning web app aimed at reducing household food waste. It’s a subscription-based service which provides curated meal plans and grocery lists based off of individuals’ dining preferences to reduce ingredient waste.

FET Kitchen brings a world of experts into your kitchen, via a digital screen in your kitchen backsplash, so you can take cooking classes when you want at home.

The HotSpot CookTop has the functionality of a flat top grill with the size and ease of a traditional cooktop so that home cooks can create restaurant-quality food at home.

LEVO is a countertop device that pairs with a mobile app to automate the infusing process, allowing individuals to make their own infused oils, soaps, butters, and more. It can also make CBD infusions.

Millo makes an updated kitchen blender that’s cordless, silent, efficient and beautiful enough to keep on your kitchen countertop. It connects to your phone for remote control and personalization.

StixFresh makes a food-safe sticker which can extend the shelf life of fresh fruit by up to two weeks. The sticker can be applied to produce at any point along the supply chain.

Curious about this diverse group of food tech startups? Rick will be in Seattle for the Smart Kitchen Summit, October 7-8!

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