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Bee Raw: Sustainability, technology and bees

Bee Raw is more than a honey company, it's a tech company and it is a way of life. Zeke has created a simple, beautiful line of the highest quality products and experiences, and the recipes and pairings to bring them to life.

Additionally, owner Zeke, actively promotes the importance of American family-owned apiaries and works to educate the public about beekeeping and its vital role in agriculture. Freeman is committed to supporting artisanal beekeepers and farmers by ensuring that they receive a premium price for a premium product.

The Bee Raw Foundation was formed in 2013 with a mission to help save endangered bees and promote crucial-to-the-planet sustainability.

Bee Raw products include honey itself, candles, mugs, totes, tea and my favorite, Butchwax, a beeswax balm.

Butchwax: An all-purpose balm, wax and polish for use on any natural surface: skin, hair, leather, wood, etc.

How to use it: Butchwax everything that can benefit from moisturizing and conditioning. Bare: Hands, cuticles and lips are no-brainers. Bearded needs no explanation, but try styling your hair as well. Ball mitts: well, you'll find that anything leather will benefit from a good Butchwaxing, including Boots with the added boon that beeswax acts as a water repellent.

Butcher blocks are moisturized by the Jojoba, which does not go rancid as other non-petroleum based oils do, while the beeswax protects. Additionally the essential Tea Tree oil helps to disinfect.

How's it smell? Decidedly lemony, grounded by an earthiness and zest provided by the Tea Tree and Rosemary OilsHow does it feel? Soothing, invigorating and refreshing.

Ingredients: Beeswax and Organic Jojoba, Lemongrass, Rosemary and Tea Tree Oils

Philsophy of Bee Raw:

Improving your lives through products that awaken your senses, and enhance your dining experiences

Ensuring that artisanal beekeepers and small sustainable farmers receive a premium price for a premium product

Helping to protect honeybees—which play a critical role in our agricultural system

Sourcing honey from only wild or organic floral sources

Striving to be socially and environmentally sustainable by employing local labor and using post-consumer paper and glass packaging

Help save bees by checking out this link:

The honey is delicious!

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