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Review: Hot Hands heat resistant gloves

Are "Hot Hands" good enough for keeping your hands from getting too hot?

It's time to find out, although there are scores of videos online putting this "As Seen on TV" product to the test.

Billed as:

Heat-resistant gloves are perfect for the oven, grill or fire pit Bright red color is easy to find Dishwasher-safe material makes cleaning easy

But do they work?

I agree with this video as they do... somewhat...

Here's their description:

Stay safe with the Hot Hands Heat Safe Cooking Gloves from As Seen on TV. These two heat-resistant gloves are here to protect you when removing hot casseroles from the oven or turning meat on the grill. If you choose to keep the grilling gloves in the garage, finding them will be a breeze due to their vibrant red color. The dishwasher-safe cooking gloves are made of durable silicone which helps you keep a strong grip when dealing with hot objects.

Dimensions (Overall): 10.63 inches (L) x 7.48 inches (W) Textile Material: 100% Silicone Other Qualities: Quick-drying

Complaints about the Hot Hands range from it coming in only one size to they feel "bulky" to they need a softer lining.

They aren't made to be worn for extended periods of time. My advice if you need something to replace the good old reliable oven mitt and want something in more of a glove shape. Here's your solution for $10.

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