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'The eyes have it' with the Eye Putt Pro

Eye Putt Pro is the easiest way to improve your putting.

A new putter, lessons, another new putter... I'm among the millions of golfers looking for an edge when it comes to putting.

The Eye Putt Pro, a $20 device featuring something as simple as a mirror is giving me something to try.

Eye Putt Pro has impacted thousands of individuals in the the golfing community since the national launch at the PGA Merchandise Show. But in a show like the PGA Show, a product like this can run under-the-radar.

A little mirror fits on any putter and helps with your alignment and setup.


Immediate visual feedback simply level the putter and see your eyes over the ball. Positions the eyes directly over the ball and target line. Levels the putter teaching a correct lie angle during address and stroke. Creates professional muscle memory that is repeatable and confident. Attaches quickly to any putter magnetically or with the included reusable safe adhesive squares.

It also relaxes your hands below your shoulders creating a proper spine angle and balanced weight distribution. Attach the training aid in seconds to any blade or mallet putter magnetically or with the reusable adhesives. A microfiber bag and instruction guide are also included.

It's easy to go out and practice your putting, but how rewarding and worthwhile is it when looking at the investment in time. The Eye Putt Pro makes it all come together and produces immediate results. The muscle memory component does translate to the course and your next round.

It's time to check out the Eye Putt Pro.

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