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Easy to use iPhone mount is under $60

The most frustrating part of today's quality iPhone mounts for cars, is installing them. Not so, thanks to Moshi.

My testing shows this is the easiest-to-use and most efficient wireless car charging system available. One-handed magnet mount with no external pieces stuck to your case. Mount your phone anywhere in your car using the vent clip or dashboard adapter.

Note: SnapTo™ case by Moshi is required.


- effortless one-handed mounting - magnetic tabs located inside (other magnetic systems sully your case) - fast-charging - compatible with other SnapTo mounts (we've introduced a series of mounts for the home and car - and have more in the works)

The ability to tilt your phone at just about any angle for to eliminate pesky glare or make it wasier for your eyes is key.

Think strong and secure as the 3M industrial-grade adhesive holds up to 2.2 lbs (1.0 kg), actually strong enough for 4 iPhones. This is a quality built mount that will probably outlast your vehicle.

Viewing mode. Which ever you prefer, you can rotate to portrait or landscape mode for flexible viewing.

How easy?

This one-handed iPhone magnetic car mount features fast wireless charging up to 10 W. It can be easily mounted anywhere using the car vent clip or dash adapter with 3M adhesive strips. The mount features a LED charging indicator and Foreign Object Detection (FOD). Future-proof, Moshi’s SnapTo™ Car Mount with Wireless Charging has a USB-C connector that can be connected to a portable battery or car charger. All for under $60. Don't buy a $15 mount that will last just a couple weeks and cause more problems than it's worth.

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