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Klaxoon announcements at IFA

IFA 2019 in Berlin presents the latest products and innovations in the heart of Europe’s most important regional market. Prominent international decision makers from the fields of consumer electronics, home appliances and related industries share their personal visions. Among the companies one group, Klaxoon, recently announced during the global launch of Template.

“Companies are facing new challenges to synchronize teams in time and space and with nearly 1 billion people worldwide working as a team, finding the tools to help teams adapt to this change is central to every organization’s strategy,” says Mattieu Beucher, Founder of Klaxoon.

Klaxoon is a productivity tool used by millions of teams offering a full suite of collaborative apps. The new Brainstorm feature, Template, integrates the first-ever library of templates into Klaxoon’s flagship project management tool. The features offered by Template include guidelines, tips from experts and examples of how to use the tool. The open format allows users to freely modify and adapt the Template after launch.

Examples of Templates already available

Weekly for more efficient weekly meetings Retrospective for continuous improvement team exercises Sketchboard to rethink your projects by putting them into perspective and achieving real results

“Klaxoon’s Brainstorm and its unique user interface sets a new standard for anyone looking to organize and view ideas. The SketchBoard template is an excellent example. It’s a game-changer in the world of project management. Highly creative and inspiring, 100% collaborative and easy to use, with direct links to media, data and more, this Template allows users to go beyond task management and display information in a smarter way. It offers the flexibility of the notepad combined with the collaborative advantage of a digital solutions. Maps, plans, images, media - everything is possible. According to feedback at our recent U.S. tour for the launch of Klaxoon3, it’s an all-time favorite.: said Matthieu Beucher.

Klaxoon is already used by thousands of teams in France to drive their digital transformation and plans to scale rapidly worldwide, especially in the United States, Germany and Northern Europe. If you would like more information on Klaxoon you can visit their website at You can also stay up to date with Klaxoon by following them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Headquartered in Rennes, France, with U.S. offices in New York and Boston, Klaxoon is a productivity tool used by millions of teams. It is a full suite of collaborative apps made for each moment and context of collaboration. Klaxoon employs more than 230 people. Founded by Matthieu Beucher, Klaxoon launched in March 2015, and today is used by millions of teams across 120 countries. It has attracted users in all kind of organizations, small and middle-sized businesses, Universities, NGO and institutions as well as 90% of global actors listed on the CAC 40 stock-exchange index (Schneider Electric, Disneyland, L'Oréal, Accenture, Nestlé, Sealed Air, Verizon, Marriott etc.). Based on visual management techniques and Agile methods, Klaxoon tools have received numerous international awards.

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