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Working out with Activ5, the isometric strength training gadget

Whether you work in an office, are going "back to school" or heading off to football training camp, the Activ5 smart device is there for you.

Exercises can take all of five minutes as busy individuals can use those short spurts of time between classes, meetings and hours spent traveling to get a valuable workout. The perfect fit: Activ5, the only portable device that effectively tones and strengthens muscles through 5-minute workouts 3 times a day, and with the Activ5 pairing mobile app, coaches users through low impact, full-body strength training workouts. This is a smart device, perfect for your backpack or messenger bag, fits in the palm of your hand and provides users with more than 100 personalized isometric workouts that can be performed anytime, anywhere. For 2019, it's even the fitness tracker of choice for the Pittsburgh Steelers!

How does it work? When combine with the Activ5 app, users their own body parts as resistance to get in short workouts that make a difference. This is isometric strength training. There are 100 different exercises you can track with Activ5.

On the Activ5 App, users can choose to perform many types of exercises for different parts of the body, track their progress, and even play video games, while exercising! Also with the Apple watch app, and the recent full integration with Apple HealthKit, Activ5’s users can incorporate their strengthening stats into their everyday tracked activity, which makes it perfect for people who like to see their progress as it happens.

The Activ5 device accurately measures your workout in terms of force in pounds and then tracks your performance gains.

Active5 personalizes your results and through Bluetooth, send them to your mobile device.


Activ5 now offers a growing library of games that allow you to get your exercise while having fun, challenge your friends and family. The Activ5 games work with any smartphone, and are available for download on Apple App Store and Google Play. From classics to brand new styles, the games are easy to connect and work with any Activ5 exercise.

There are different Active5 packages available for purchase, but you can get started for as little as $129.99.

Now there is no excuse to workout in a beneficial way. Get active!

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