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Foot Glide balm helps the agony of 'da feet'

No part of your body takes the abuse that your feet endure on a daily basis.

If you are headed for a walk, run or hike you are susceptible to blisters, calluses or chafing.

What if I told you that there is a handy and affordable product that is soothing and is an anti-chafing balm for your feet to stop blisters from forming.

Foot Glide comes in .80 oz. and .35 oz. roll on that you can bring to the gym, work or pack in an overnight bag for travel.

Prices start at just $4.99.

Foot Glide does not contain petroleum, lanolin or mineral oils and is never wet or greasy. It’s invisible and comfortable, like it’s not even there. The advanced formula is a dry, invisible, non-greasy barrier that protects your skin from friction and rubbing caused by socks, straps, seams, and more. Stay active, pain free with the Original Anti Blister Stick®.


Infused with Apricot Kernel Oil, Comfrey Leaf Extract, and Vitamins A & C to help soften skin, minimize inflammation and restore dry, chapped, and chafed feet. Made with all-natural allergen free, plant-derived ingredients that are child safe, vegan approved, and never tested on animals. Water and sweat resistant – keeps pores clog free by allowing sweat to escape and lets skin breath. Never wet or greasy – no petroleum, lanolin, or mineral oils. Footwear safe.

How to Use

Before you put on shoes apply, directly from the stick, to help prevent blisters and raw skin caused by rubbing. Apply to intact skin before activity or anytime. Use daily for effective and long lasting protection of toes and feet, even in demanding conditions. Wash off with mild soap.

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