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DICK'S to give more youth access to sports

DICK’S Sporting Goods and The DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation just recently vowed to provide one million young athletes an access to sports over the next five years. On top of this promise, DICK’S also reported that it would match up to $1 million in donations made by customers to The Dick’s Foundation at DICK’S stores or at Sports from July 14 through September 13, 2019. This was announced at DICK’S Sporting Goods’ Sports Matter panel event that is moderated by Gruden along with Advisory Board Members Fitzgerald and Rose as well as U.S. Women’s Soccer World Champion and team star Alex Morgan, DICK’S Chairman and CEO Ed Stack, Women’s Sports Foundation Senior Director of Research and Programs Dr. Marjorie Snyder and Harlem Lacrosse Alumni Jordany Baltazar.

Chairman and CEO Ed Stack explains his relentless pursuit to providing access to sports for another one million young athletes. "Since 2014, DICK'S and The DICK'S Foundation have helped more than one million young athletes across the country play sports; however, new research we commissioned confirms there is still significant challenges impeding access to sports for many kids, that is why we announced today our goal to provide access to sports for another one million young athletes over the next five years.”

In 2019, DICK’s and its Foundation provided more than 20 million dollars in grants and sponsorships meritorious schools and organizations. DICK’S also provided 1 million dollars to Lebron James’ I PROMISE School in Akron to build a new gym for its students. Alongside of that donation DICK’S also supported the Beyond Sports Foundation with $265 000 for its Sport for Reduced Inequalities Collective Impact Award, as well as more than $780 000 to Girls on the Run to expand their mission to inspire and encourage young girls to be healthy and confident.

DICK’S latest altruistic promise was informed by two studies recently commissioned by The DICK’S Foundation. One of the studies was conducted by the RAND Institute and the other study was supervised by the Women’s Sports Foundation. These studies informed the reader with insights regarding the benefits of sports at a young age. DICK’S partnership with the Women’s Sports Foundation will be renewed and will continue to research on youth entry, participation and retention in sports.

You can find some key findings from the studies below:

State of Youth Sports:

63% of school sports budgets are stagnant or decreasing 24% of high schools don't offer sports High-poverty schools offer 1/3 fewer sports & sports teams than low poverty schools 58% of community-based sports fees are rising 42% of families of middle and high-school students who do not participate in sports but are interested in doing so cite cost as the main reason 56% of teen girls do not participate in sports compared to 48% of teen boys

Benefits of youth sports:

Student athletes are less likely than non-athletes to be depressed Student athletes have higher self-esteem Student athletes are more likely to get higher grades and aspire to attend college

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