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Timex launches Q Timex, a watch inspired by 1979 retro classic

With more than 3 000 employees around the world, Timex establishes itself as one of the largest watch makers in the world. Captivated with creative and innovative designs, it distributes and markets its watches all around the globe. Timex started out in Waterbury Connecticut in 1854, and since then has always manufactured hand made watches that can resist anything. Each watch produced is imprinted with Timex’s watchmaking mission, which is to create watches that are designed and crafted to be chosen and worn with confidence.

Inspired by the 1970s original, Timex is introducing Q Timex. In the 1970s a revolution knows as the “Quartz Crisis” began to take over the watchmaking industry. The introduction of the Quartz movement started to remodel the industry. This watch is a product of Timex’s innovative genius as well as its meticulous detail watching ways and can be found in limited quantities for $179 online on or in select stores. Timex has innovated without leaving any detail behind including the functional battery hatch of the original Timex Q Diver which can be opened with a coin and saves you a trip to the jeweler.

Senior Vice President at Timex Group shares his excitement on the reintroduction of this special watch: "As we celebrate 165 years of quality craftsmanship and innovative timepieces, it's exciting to be able to reintroduce a watch that transports consumers back to a specific point in time. The Quartz movement revolution was a transformative time in the watch industry, particularly for Timex because we provided a new quartz movement technology at an affordable price. Our dedication to affordability and quality craftmanship still holds true today."

The functional battery hatch is not the only original feature you can find on the Q Timex. You can find the initial “Q” right under the 12 o’clock mark, as well as the woven stainless-steel bracelet which is true to the era, a rotating top ring and fluorescent hour markers and watch hands. To make sure it stands out in the stores and in your own collection, the Timex Group kept the diver-inspired look that embodies the blue, red and gold accents to ensure you wear it with determination and confidence.

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