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Caterpy: No slip, no trip, great fit shoelaces

Have you ever had to stop in the middle of an athletic event because your shoes were untied? Convert any shoe into a slip-on with Caterpy laces! Don’t ever worry about tripping on your shoe laces again, these "no tie" shoe laces allow you to customize tension featuring its elastic bump technology to perfectly fit your foot shape. Don’t ever worry about losing tension throughout the shoe or even bending over to tie it, Caterpy aims to solve all shoelace problems.

These laces are the only laces in the world that are approved by podiatrists and sports doctors. Rather than relying on a single knot or a plastic piece to hold your shoe all day, Caterpy invented an elastic bump technology with a strong outer nylon sheath to secure tension in each row of the shoe, securing the shoes on your feet without having you worry about your laces untying in the middle of your favorite activity. Caterpy shoe laces can be used for walking, trail running, running, at the gym, for the entire family and any sports you can think of!

Get rid of your old laces and replace them with the one size fits all Caterpy as you normally would with traditional laces. Adjust your desired tension at each eyelet row, and you are all good to go! Depending on your style, you can either leave a couple bumps out from the last eyelet, tuck them into your shoes or under the laces, or simply cut off the extra unwanted length making sure you are comfortable with the tension. Find your pair of Caterpy Laces on their website ( or on Amazon and similar retail stores (

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