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Radda Golfwear available at Urban Outiftters

Radda, the golf company that wants to bring men’s every day clothing styles to the golf course, recently just signed a deal with the 200 store retailer Urban Outfitters. Both of the brands share a common goal to inspire customers through an exclusive mix of product, creativity and cultural understanding. Started by two golf fanatics, Jason Fields and Ivan Domiguez, Radda focuses on the lifestyle of the golfer and not just the game itself. Radda takes to heart that its customers think of the game of golf as a passion and not as a sport that defines who they are. It announced on July 10th, 2019 that the “disruptor” men’s golf brand’s apparel is available on their website.

This is the first time ever that Urban Outfitters will hold a golf apparel brand in its stores and on their website. All of the Radda apparel can be found later this summer in top retail outlets. Jason Fields, co-founder of Radda shares his excitement about the presence of his brand in a store like Urban Outfitters. “We are excited that Uban Outfitters, known for its unique and fashion forward offerings will be adding our golf apparel at retail. This is a virtual “stamp of approval” of our “disrupter” positioning in the golf industry.”

Radda is founded on a belief that men are much more than the game they play. Radda looks at the whole golfer, his health, culture and lifestyle to merge both their street style and golf apparel together. Radda pursues the style men love to wear off the golf course and merges it with the game they love to play. Radda fuses style and present-day lifestyle through the common love of golf and aspires to push the gentleman’s game higher than ever before.

Fields explains why Radda is different than every other golf brand. “The Radda brand stands for something very different and refreshing in the game of golf. We take styles that are relevant off the course and give them golf functionality. This brings true diversity to our apparel. You’ll be just as comfortable on the course as you would at dinner after golf with our apparel. We don’t look to the golf market for aesthetic reference or inspiration. How many lateral striped shirts does one man need? We see an opportunity to engage with, and serve the new majority of golfers, those under 45 in a more honest way---we aren’t defined by the game we play. We are much more than golfers, we speak to that new dynamic lifestyle.”

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