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DraftKings 'steps up to the plate' with FlashBet

Founded in 2012 by Matt Kalish, Paul Liberman and Jason Robins, DraftKings recently introduced FlashBet. With a mission to bring fans closer to the games they love, this is a faster/easier way for customers to immerse themselves in every minute of action via live betting and instant winnings.

DraftKings covers 13 different professional sports in 8 different countries including the U.S., Australia, U.K., and Canada and is headquartered in Boston Massachusetts.

Customers can place their bets on the FlashBet tab on their mobile or on the online DraftKings Sportsbook which is available to download on both iOS and Android systems. Issued right before the start of the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world (Wimbledon), FlashBet enables customers to place in-game bets quickly between points. Betters can speculate their bet’s results and proceed to payouts just seconds after the point is over. Flashbet is currently reserved to live tennis wagering as match graphics will show the ball travel across the court with detailed descriptions of the point. This is all in line with DraftKings’ dedication to intensify every moment on court for an even better fan experience.

Senior Vice President of Product Research and Development, Jordan Mendell, gives insights on how important customer experience is to the company. "Live wagering is already widely popular today, but also represents a crucial part of the customer experience and engagement tomorrow. Short of playing on the court themselves, we are wholly invested in bringing our customers as close as possible to Wimbledon this year, while also giving them a taste of the lightning-quick innovations to come."

Once again, the launch on FlashBet is just another reason why the company’s top notch innovative ways make DraftKings an industry leader for mobile and online sports betting. With a customer base of 11 million and counting, DraftKings secures its pole position in the industry, by satisfying its customer base through developing a world class product that establishes the in game betting experience.

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