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New ROIDMI cordless vacuum on indiegogo

The cordless vacuum cleaner I've been using is available on indiegogo. Following up on the success of the first generation ROIDMI F8 Storm, the ROIDMi NEX is set to take cleaning your house or apartment to a new level.

With the water-resistant roller brush and the magnetic mopping component that can store 180ml water, it's the "do everything" device for cleaning the floor effectively. Sweeping first and then mopping.

ROIDMI is highly praised and recognized in the world, and is said to be the world’s first “smart app cordless vacuum cleaner”. It has already won 3 major industrial design global awards: the Red Dot Best of the best award, iF Golden and Good Design Best.

This new gen of Engine-X brushless motors spins at up to 120,000rpm per minute to help generate 145 AW and 23500 Pa powerful suction than the others. It captures the deep-down dirt and hair with ease.

The Air-X dust separation technology produces a direct suction of multiple cyclones to avoid blocking and keep suction lasting longer. Simply drop your Roidmi NEX cordless vacuum cleaner into the wall-mounted dock for charging and it will be ready to grab and go.

The six-stage filtration dust filter is small and powerful in 0.3 microns and 99.99% of allergens are expelled to make cleaner air. With 2500mAh*8 LG/Samsung Lithium Battery and BMS-X Battery Management System, it can clean 380 square meters at once.

From the moment you hold the NEX in your hands, you can feel the quality and tell this is a workhorse.

Cleaning hardwood floors can be a big problem in our daily life and normally we have to clean them twice. First, we have to vacuum away all the grit, pet hair and dust, then wipe with a mop. A gamechanger: the ability to mop and vacuum at the same time.

This might be the very first "smart vacuum." Bluetooth is connected via the app and you can view various conditions. Such as battery life, replace filter, cleaning time, etc. Believe it or not this can help you improve your cleaning IQ and if you did an exceptionally good job, you will have a point of reference for next time.

The NEX's brush is equipped with LED lights and a light sensor. The lamp can automatically illuminate sofa, bed and other dark corners, as you can't clean what you can't see.

The NEX is easy to use and easy to maneuver. Any member of the family can operate and use this vacuum.

Need a deep cleaning mop for those ground in stains and piles of dirt? The NEX quickly turns into a powerful mop, by utilizing the hidden Mop Box. Just fill the Mop Box with water and attach to the brush head. It will allow you to deep clean any stain and dirt on the floor more effectively in just one simple step.

What's in the box? It includes: Metal Connecting Roll, Soft Brush, Flat Cleaner Head, Adapter, Magnetic Wall Mount, Filter (alternative), Motor, Electric Mattress Brush, Cleaner for Brush, Multi-functional Brush, Magic Mop Box, 2 Pieces Mop Pads, Instructions.

All of the above for a low introductory price on indiegogo at

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