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'Roll On' for pain relief with CryoFreeze

CryoFreeze has people talking!

A one-two punch of potent Menthol and Full Spectrum CBD. 10 natural pain-relief ingredients support fast recovery by blocking pain receptors, reducing inflammation, and improving muscle & joint flexibility. Feel relief within 10 minutes!

All in a no mess roll on!

And just $30. A small price to pay for pain relief.

CryoFreeze CBD Pain Relief Roll-On from Omax Health works.

Just launched on April 1, the new roll-on is able to mimic the therapeutic effects of cryotherapy by numbing pain points and reducing inflammation. Cryotherapy is one of the hottest buzzwords in sports for 2019. By introducing the natural pain-relieving properties found in CBD (and 8 other ingredients) to joints and muscles, it is also able to aid in the healing and recovery process. It is ideal for athletes and extreme sports enthusiasts, as well as weightlifters, fitness professionals, and everyday people such as businessmen, laborers, and anybody living with mild to moderate joint and/or muscle pain.

I'm using it each night on my lower back and it works within minutes and has been providing a great night sleep.

Other testimonials are coming in:

Spokesperson, Evan DeMarco, was a key player in the development of the new product and upcoming line of CBD pain relievers. He is a sports medicine and nutrition expert, published author, public speaker and frequent guest on television, radio, and digital platforms. He worked closely with the development team at Omax Health previously in developing their Alpha + Omega Cognitive Boost and Phyto-Max Stress Remedy with CBD.

Order your roll on bottle here.

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