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myCharge offers what feels like unlimited power for under $100

Rick's portable mobile power company, myCharge, delivers again with new Hub Universal chargers.

How's the battery life on your smartphone? The battery life of even the newest smartphones are no match for our love of scrolling, emailing and typing away. myCharge’s new Hub Universal chargers offer a built-in USB-C and an Apple Lightning cable to quickly recharge compatible devices. The all-in-one chargers also feature a built-in USB-A port and wall prongs on the back that can be plugged into a wall outlet to recharge the unit. The Hub Universal is available in two options: the 6,700 mAh HubPlus and 10,050 mAh HubMax.

HubMax Universal

Specs: $99.99

Up to 6x extra battery

Built-in iPhone & USB C cables

For Tablets, Smartphones & USB Devices

Rechargeable 10050mAh portable charger

I love the ability to just plug the charger into any wall outlet.

Carrying charging cables is a thing of the past, not only are the cables built in for effortless charging but self-contained wall prongs make for effortless recharging.

The HubPlus boasts a 30% reduction in size, the HubPlus is more compact and portable than ever before.

These devices come in at great price points, so you can buy one of each!

Go to and order and use the special online coupon code: 20OFFPOWER for a little off your order.

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