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Watch Sling TV on Oculus Virtual Reality Headsets

Ever wish you could watch your favorite shows or sports games (yes the NBA Finals!) with your friends and family, even though they may be thousands of miles away? Now you can, with a new Oculus early beta feature called co-watching, which has started rolling out to Sling TV customers on Oculus Go virtual reality headsets in beta. Sling TV customers using an Oculus Go virtual reality headset can now co-watch TV with others, no matter the distance between them. Sling TV was the first vMVPD to launch on Oculus Go and is now the first vMVPD to offer a co-watching feature on this device.

To experience co-watching, Sling TV customers can turn on their Oculus Go headset and choose to form a party and invite other Oculus users into their experience. From there, the party host can open the Oculus TV app and select “Sling TV.” The host will then enter the Sling TV app – where they can stream the best of live TV plus thousands of on-demand titles – and they’ll also see the other party guests’ avatars sitting on the couch beside them. Users must have the latest versions of the Oculus TV app and Sling TV app.

In addition to watching TV together, co-watching allows users to speak to each other – so they can discuss the big game or binge popular shows together, even if they live in completely different areas. Up to four users can watch the same show or movie on Sling, and all users must have the required Sling TV base service and add-on Extras. Co-watching on Sling TV will not be available for movie rentals, DVR recordings or “Continue Watching” content.

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