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Never! 750+ Things You Should Never Do

nev·er /ˈnevər/ adverb 1. at no time in the past or future; on no occasion; not ever. "they had never been camping in their lives" synonyms: at no time, not at any time, not ever, not once, on no occasion; literaryne'er "his room is never tidy" 2. not at all. "he never turned up" synonyms: not at all, certainly not, not for a moment, not under/in any circumstances, under/in no circumstances, on no account;

A new book gives advice on things you should NEVER do.

A wise man once said that "never" is a ridiculous word you should never use. NEVER! contains hundreds of quotes from people telling you to never do something. From the inspirational like "Never agree to surrender your dreams" from Jesse Jackson to the comedic like "Never moon a pit bull after sitting in A-1 sauce" from Johnny Carson.

This book includes almost 200 pages of timeless advice.

Words of advice on what you should do will never be as straightforward or as helpful as what you should never do! With hundreds of quotes from around the world, Never! collects all the wisdom you could ever need. Remember: Never make a mistake when someone else can make it for you!

Full of wit and wisdom, this collection of "never do's" is a keeper.

Fun reading when you want to feel better about yourself.

Hardcover edition is $15 on Amazon

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