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EVO is the smallest global travel adapter

Don't be caught this summer and fall in a foreign country without your trusty travel adapter.

Tiny but durable and powerful, the EVO is a fast charging universal wall adapter that works in 150+ countries.

This very small universal adapter can fit easily in a pocket, bag or backpack. Weighing only 50g, this adapter will save your both space and time when it comes to packing and use. The durability comes into play as this travel adapter possesses a built-In safety shutters protect users from the direct touch of the live parts on the socket outlet. It also helps keep water and other moisture out while you move from destination to destination.

The dual-USB output with total current 5V/2.1A(Total 2.4A Max and input with 100-240V enables one to charge two mobile devices at once in a quick manner.It saves time.and can be applied in a range of devices, including: MP3 players, digital cameras,mobile phones, GPS units, Bluetooth speakers and more.

Priced under $30 and available from Amazon.

Accepts plugs from more than 150 countries with US/EU/UK/AU European plugs like Thailand, New Zealand, Israel, Italy, Rome, France, Spain, Canada, China, Australia, India, Hong Kong, Argentina, Peru, Korea, other spots in Asia, etc.


➤Input:100-240VAC(90-260VAC max)

➤Output:5V 2.1A(Total 2.4A max)

➤Max Power:12W


➤Dimensions:0.8in x1.2in x 2.7in / 20mm x 31mm x 69m

***Works in over 150 countries

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