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A new Pringles flavor to debut this summer and you can guess it

Come August, Pringles is releasing a new Mystery Flavor, giving fans the ultimate opportunity to taste and guess the flavor for a chance to win a $10,000 prize.

The Mystery Flavor crisps are available exclusively at Walgreens stores across the nation for a limited time only through July 30. Fans can submit guesses online at by August 13 for a chance to win the cash prize. The Mystery Flavor and contest winner will be revealed on or about August 18.

For complete Official Rules, including how to enter for free, go to

Pringles, known for creating insanely accurate flavors, is launching a Mystery Flavor for the first time in the U.S. Pringles Canada launched a Mystery Flavor in 2018 awarding a lucky winner with the $10,000 grand prize for their Seven Layer Dip guess.

"To continue to meet consumers' desires for unique snacking opportunities, we strive to create new, innovative flavors that excite fans and introduce even more Flavor Stacking combinations," said AnneMarie Suarez-Davis, VP of Marketing, Pringles. "The Mystery Flavor will bring a new insanely accurate Pringles flavor to shelves and reward one lucky fan who can guess the flavor correctly."

The Mystery Flavor will join the ranks of other past limited time only unique flavor offerings, such as Jalapeño Bacon, Sweet Chili Tango, Jamaican Jerk and more.

"We strove to create the Mystery Flavor in a way that all components fit together to make a cohesive, flavorful taste," said Becky Wolfe, product development scientist. "The flavor was especially fun to develop because it needs to be spot on in order for fans to guess the taste."

So grab a can of Mystery Flavor Pringles and share your guess! The answer is so close you can almost taste it. For more information on Pringles flavors, you can visit for more details.

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