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Sunnybag ICONIC offers abundance of features

A backpack that offers a USB port to charge mobile devices through its own solar cell, has 14 pockets for storing everything from cables to camera accessories, is comfortable and lightweight and fits my powerful 17" laptop?

I say, "yes!"

The beautiful and stylish Sunnybag ICONIC solar backpack does it all by charging mobile devices like mobile phones, iPads, digital cameras, smartwatches, power banks through its integrated USB port.

Compatible with iPhone X / 8 / 8p, Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9p S8 / S8p and more!

The feature to mention is the the solar panel that delivers 7 watts of power and 22.4% efficiency and can charge a smartphone battery in two hours of direct sunlight.100% charged, this backpack gives you all the power you need to get through a long day. Have confidence as every solar panel is tested and certified before shipping. Right out of the box, you can see that the ICONIC is an ergonomic and functional laptop backpack for everyday use at work, school or take with you on the road.. It's made from water-resistant material and comes with a handy rain cover. I am a power user and the fashionable backpack offers well-designed storage space for all your belongings. Safely store your laptop, notebook or tablet in a padded 17'' laptop compartment without worry.

Think of this backpack as a sustainable source of energy. All courtesy of the 7 watt solar panel that proves to be quite a talking point.

Two padded compartments give your plenty of protective storage space.

Think style and function with the Sunnybag ICONIC.


Made of weatherproof CORDURA textile 100% certified solar panel with 7 watts of power Safe charging for all USB devices High performance and efficiency Strongest solar cells on the market Laptop compartment and rain cover included

Here's where you can easily order your ICONIC:

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