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Pool safety tips from LOOP-LOC

Memorial Day is here and that means there is no better time to start preparing your pool for the big debut. For those pool owners with a late start to the season (procrastination happens to the best of us), don't feel discouraged. There is plenty of time to open your pool and get it ready for the first pool party of the summer. Safety pool covers suppliers, LOOP-LOC, lists 5 tips for opening your pool this Memorial Day weekend.

Remove the cover. The best place to start your pool preparation is at the beginning. For those pool owners with the cover still on, the time has come to remove it. When doing so, make sure to remove the springs from the anchors of your mesh safety cover and fold those inwards. Double check that all cover anchors have been screwed down flush with the pool deck. Once the springs and anchors have been secured begin to remove the cover from one side, moving it into an open area with no potential tear threats. Don't forget to fold and properly store your pool cover to prepare for its next use because, unfortunately, summer doesn't last forever and you will need it again.

Top off the water in your pool. During the winter months, it is possible that your pool's water levels will decrease. Once you've removed the cover, work to top the water off with the help of a hose. Keep an eye on the water level and be sure to only fill it to the necessary point. Too much or too little water is not beneficial for a successful pool season, especially with Memorial Day looming.

Clean up your pool. Now that the cover is removed and the water is at a reasonable level, it is time to begin cleaning. There is no better way to get excited about pool season than by cleaning your pool. Be sure to remove debris such as leaves from the pool by either using a net (if floating on the top) or a vacuum (if on the floor of your pool). Once the pool is clean, the reality that pool season has arrived will begin to set in.

Prime your pool water for swimmers. Once the pool is open and free of debris, make sure the water is swimmer ready. That means ensuring the chemical levels are in the proper range for your pool. To reach the ideal chemical levels, you may need to shock your pool to jumpstart this process. You can shock your pool by using a bucket and mixing the necessary shock treatment and pool water together. Once the shock treatment has fully dissolved and created a solution in the bucket add the treated water to your pool. Be sure to give yourself 24 hours for the treatment to fully incorporate into the pool water. Once this is done, begin testing the rest of the pool levels, being sure to get the water professionally tested before allowing any swimmers in your pool.

Don't forget the pool accessories. Perhaps the best part about a pool are the accessories. Be sure to install those items that make pool time fun; items such as diving boards, ladders, and handrails. Make sure that your pool toys are also clean and ready for their summer debut and don't forget to set up the patio furniture to create the perfect view of your newly opened pool.

Don't let the stress of opening your pool late ruin the excitement. Follow these tips for a seamless pool opening and start to the summer season.

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