Lexip puts 'ceramic skates' on your computer mouse, the perfect accessory

How you can improve your productivity with a computer mouse accessory.

There are a whopping 2 billion computer mice currently in use worldwide. If any of those other users are like me and have problems with their mouse, they will be glad to see what the French brand, Lexip, has up their sleeve.

Lexip just improved the mouse as we know it with their latest revolutionary solution and industry-first: the Lexip Mo42 ceramic skates. These small soles stick directly on any mouse, transforming it with unmatched gliding ability. The skates are a must-have for increasing productivity and optimizing time spent in front of the computer.

Lexip envisioned the new accessory with the realization that a daily use object, such as the computer mouse, can always be improved. Whatever the user's online hobbies or profession, the Mo42 skates make the experience extremely fluid, gaining speed and precision in every movement of the mouse.

Think "Ceramic Pads"

At equal momentum the mouse equipped with ceramic pads travels twice as far as the one equipped with Teflon pads. On a rug or a table, ceramic skates always maneuver with ease. Choosing ceramic material for longevity of both the feet and mouse!

Contents include six selfadhesive ceramic pads and very simple instructions. After cleaning the base of the mouse with the included wipe, simply remove the adhesive and position the pads on the underside of the mouse. You can use 4, 5, or 6 – the number of pads depends on the size of the base of the mouse.

With reduced friction the lifespan of the ceramic material guarantees the longevity of the pads and as a result extends the lifespan of the mouse – making it an ecologically astute purchase. And not just for gamers. This can help at home or in the office!

The feet are available for $22 and are compatible with both laser and optical mice.

See more at: https://store.lexip.co/