Train your dog with Doggie Don't

Doggie Don't.

Sarah Beck saw first-hand the need for an easy and humane tool to help many dogs with many personalities and behavioral issues as she fostered and rescued them. She found that the majority of dogs in shelters are untrained and many are surrendered to shelters due to correctable behaviors. Her DOGGIE DON’T® Device innovation promotes good behavior and corrects nuisance behaviors in a manner that does not cause pain or discomfort and is quick and efficient. Additionally, Doggie Don’t Inc. happily donates devices to rescue groups and shelters. Beck is a beloved pet parent to dogs Evie B, Olivia and Millie and continues to opens her Ft. Lauderdale home to foster dogs while they are awaiting their “furever homes”.

Americans spend $70 billion on their pets each year, and if you have a dog that loves to test the boundaries of obedience, you might be spending even more. Money feels even better-spent when you can eliminate nuisance behaviors, which is the goal of the Doggie Don't Device.

This hand-held, audible tool is the safe and easy way to eliminate excessive barking, leash aggression, jumping and cat chasing. The device makes a distinctive crackling sound that both you and your dog can hear at the press of a button. The sound deters dogs and assists you in correcting unwanted behaviors by breaking your dog’s intense focus. With time and consistency, your dog will respond to just your commands.

You dog will get used to the sound of the Doggie Don't and react accordingly.

Spend more quality time with your pooch. Get immediate results.

Key Features:

Comes with wrist strap Small and compact for purse or pockets Battery operated Available on Amazon, Chewy, In the Company of Dogs and the Doggie Don't Device website Retails for $49.95

For more information, visit https://thedoggiedontdevice.