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You can win if you have the messiest closet

If it's April, it's time to look in your closet.

Just in time for spring cleaning season, the experts from Closets by Design will award the winner — maybe someone right in our area — with a $2,500 closet makeover!

Entering is easy! Local homeowners can upload pictures of their crammed closets on Closets by Design’s Messiest Closet web page. Click here to access the contest page.

The local pros from Closets by Designs know clutter is one of the easiest life stressors to fix. Here are some of the top Closet Organizing Tips


Out With It – Get rid of whatever you don’t wear. At the beginning of the year, face hangers in one direction and turn them around when you wear what’s on it. After six months, clothes on hangers facing the original direction can be put in the donation pile.

Hang Ups – Hang tops and skirts over built-in shelves or drawers and hang long dresses and pants on higher rods where there is nothing underneath.

Keep it Clean – Do a quick 15-minute declutter at least once a week. It’s easy to do this if you have dedicated spaces for everything, specifically cubbies and drawers.

A “Shoe”-In – Consider installing a system with slanted shoe shelves. A hanging shoe storage system is a temporary option, but shelves will help shoes last longer and keep them out of the way (yet on display).

Tie Up Loose Ends – It’s easy to make a mess if you don’t have designated spots for smaller items, like ties, belts and jewelry. Pros can install a tie drawer, jewelry drawer and a sliding belt rack to help keep such items organized.

Consider this! Research claims even the smallest amount of clutter can create stress.

This eventually results in:

higher levels of depression and anxiety a lower capacity to think clearly reduces the ability to make decisions hinders focus

Enter your closet to win!

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