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Tubshroom and SinkShroom protect your drains

Tubshroom and SinkShroom are good looking and trendy drain protectors created so that people don't have to pour harmful, acid-based, chemical-laden, liquid cleaners down their drains anymore. If you can prevent clogs from occurring in the first place, then you won’t have to resort to those drastic measures. Imagine not having to make that expensive call to a plumber each time your have an issue.

Did you know that there is an alternative is paying hundreds on plumber visits or using products like Drano? Those drain cleaners not only release harmful toxins in the air when used, but they also strip pipes because their corrosive capabilities are so powerful. Those stripped pipes end up leaking and causing water damage eventually. The worst part of it all is that millions of gallons of these chemicals from cleaners are produced and used on a yearly basis around the world and they end up polluting the environment since they can't easily be broken down. The 'Shroom family of products protects over 3 million drains each year. That's 3 million fewer drains that will need liquid cleaners to clear them out. Here’s more info. on the super cool products below. YES, they added a new Shroom to the family this year and it's for the Kitchen sink.

The Shrooms work!

Unlike regular plugs that go over the drain, Tubshroom fits inside, neatly collecting hair around it.

Time to cleanup? Simply wipe Tubshroom off and go—no harsh chemicals. Tubshroom fits any standard tub drain and is able to catch every hair every time. Available in six fun colors: White, Blue, Green, Gray, Clear, and Orange. Fits any standard 1.5” tub drain or 1.5” bathroom sink drain

The Kitchen SinkShroom

Say goodbye to clogged kitchen sinks and drains thanks to the brand new, Kitchen SinkShroom! The Kitchen SinkShroom will neatly catch food particles without ever stopping or slowing the flow of water down the drain. The intuitive hollow center cylinder is raised high enough to prevent pots and dishes from blocking your drain—simply grab it to easily remove the strainer.

No matter how much refuse or food is gathered in the basket, optimal hole placement keeps water flowing--and keeps dirty dish water from rising. The patent-pending Kitchen SinkShroom is made by the creators of the award-winning TubShroom and ShowerShroom drain protectors, and the StopShroom plug.

The SinkShroom’s stainless steel construction and a unique ergonomic design made it A 2019 Housewares Design Awards Finalist! The SinkShroom’s revolutionary basket fits virtually any kitchen sink drain or garbage disposal drain without any special tools.

Free shipping on orders over $30. See more here.

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