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Goodgrief app helps you overcome loss

Grief is one of the most difficult emotional rollercoasters to navigate, especially if you are going about it alone. Grief can bring pain, sadness, anger, isolation and at times loneliness. If you go through these circumstances finding others who can understand the sense of loss can assist you. Two people came together through grief and found a network for loss and created the Goodgrief App.

“At the peak of my own grief, which was triggered by my mother’s death from breast cancer and the unraveling of my marriage, I found myself gravitating towards people who had also experienced great loss,” said Robynne Boyd, Goodgrief Co-Founder.

Kim Libertini and Robynne Boyd had gone through their own respective heartache due to the loss of those closest to them. Kim lives in Huntington, NY and Robynne in Decatur, GA and they started texting about life and love and loss and meaning and kids and family. Beyond the distance they were able to support one another through the troubling times and understood the importance of opportunity for comfort in the digital space.

“Hearing from someone else that has lost someone in the same way, or is at the same stage of life, or is a bit further down the road of grief allows the person experiencing loss to feel understood and not alone,” states Kim Libertini, Goodgrief Co-Founder. “There is an understanding within a grief community because no matter the stage, everyone has been there. This makes it ok, acceptable and easy to reach out to someone in this support community.”

Goodgrief will put users in touch with others who have experienced similar situations through the loss of family and/or friends. You can create a private profile by answering sets of questions that are related to your loss. It can then connect the user to other people in a one-on-one in-app texting and photo sharing with filters allowing one to narrow connections by age, gender, religion, cause of loss and more. Information exchanged during chats are private and secure so it will not be seen or accessed publicly.

“The person on the other side of the message/chat doesn’t know you. There are no expectations for you to go back to who you used to be,” says Kim Libertini. “There is a level of openness that we can have with someone we share ONLY digital communication. For the person experiencing loss, this type of communication with a stranger, who is also experiencing loss and grief, is devoid of judgement. That is crucial to feeling supported and understood while navigating grief.”

Goodgrief app is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The community can continually be accessed at any time and with global reach connections can be made and continued at any point. A new feature has been included that presents “online now” and “last online”, which gives the ability to view when someone was last online. This will allow for community members to interact with people who are regularly active through their displays.

If you would like to learn more about Goodgrief you can visit their website at You can access Goodgrief through a free download for iOS or Android devices and also through their website. You can also stay up to date by following them on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Anyone interested in becoming an ad-based sponsor can contact them via email at

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