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Tee Time Central looks for a big 2019

Tee Time Central software brings a call center and the ability to analyze data, create custom reports to your course's website.

Tee Time Central, a software service and course management suite designed specifically for the golf industry, is staying busy this winter, by exhibiting at golf shows and getting ready to serve you in 2019.

Tee Time Central offers its clients many benefits.

Tee Time Central provides courses a state-of-the-art booking engine, central reservation system, call center, and package company platform. Utilizing cutting edge technology, Tee Time Central allows courses to increase efficiency, reduce costs, boost revenue, and improve customer service.

Tee Time Central’s call center is staffed by golfers who understand the needs of players and courses, a value-add no other program in the game offers.

“Tee Time Central was designed for golf courses, and the early response, which has exceeded our expectations, has been validation of those efforts,” said Justin Binke, Tee Time Central’s director of sales and marketing. “The versatility of the software has been a hit, as has the call center, which saves courses both labor costs and time. We look forward to showcasing Tee Time Central to one of America’s most influential PGA sections.”

The software is compatible with more than 40 tee sheets and is ideal for daily fee and resort courses, in addition to golf package providers who need to book multiple groups on multiple courses.

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